Events and conferences

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Events and conferences

The organization of conferences, seminars and business meetings is one of the main areas of our activity since the establishment of the company. Thanks to the competence collected over the years and continuously developed, we guarantee professional organization of any event regardless of scale – from substantive preparation, through extensive promotion, to full logistical support.
We organize:
  • seminars
  • conferences
  • webinars
  • debates
  • business meetings, networking
  • commissioned events
Events such as Transport Week and the Baltic Ports Conference have for years gathered carefully selected world-class speakers and multi-participant audiences naturally becoming distinct good brands. These and many other events have become a permanent fixture on the conference calendar of a wide maritime audience.

Baltic Ports Conference Ystad, Sweden, 6 - 8 September 2023

This is the largest annual event of the Baltic Ports Organization (BPO), a non-profit port organization currently consisting of 46 members representing the most prominent ports and stakeholders in the region. All BPO members, as well as other participants and guests, come together to discuss key and pressing issues for port business. Above all, it is an excellent networking platform for the exchange of knowledge and experience among the various stakeholders that make up the maritime community in the Baltic Sea region and beyond.

Transport Week Gdynia,
Poland, March 14-15, 2023

Held annually for more than a decade, the conference is one of the most important industry events related to the transport and logistics sector on the event map of Pomerania. Since its inception, it has had the goal of promoting cooperation between representatives of various sectors related to the transport industry. It is an opportunity to establish new relationships and meet with long-standing partners. Each year we prepare a program addressing the most important issues for the development of the industry, guaranteeing participants the opportunity for direct contact with leading experts.
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