Polish sea ports and their influence on the domestic and regional economic development

  • Client: proprietary report in cooperation with BCT
  • Date: May 2016
  • Project type: Consulting
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Up until now the links between port activity's influence on domestic production and consumption and their role in the process of creating new work places haven't undergone any detailed analysis. The report fills this essential gap by unambiguously confirming the connection between the ports and their surroundings.

The report proves that sea ports generate 227k work places, which translates into 1,6% of all employees on domestic scale. The research also analyzes the ratings generated by the ports in correlation to the gross value added and the gross domestic product. The analysis confirms that sea ports generate PLN 28.5 bn GDP, i.e. 1,6% of Poland's GDP.

The methodical approach, characteristic for the whole report, enabled the identification of both the mechanism strengthening the economic and social effects as well as their relation to the state of economy on regional and domestic scale.