Baltic Ports Conference 2016
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A quarter century of teamwork and development

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On September 8-9th, 2016, members and guests of the Baltic Ports Organization (BPO) met at the Baltic Ports Conference 2016 in Helsinki. The participants celebrated BPO's 25th anniversary and discussed the role of the Baltic Sea region as a role model for clean ports and shipping.

The conference focused on topics concerned with sustainable solutions for ports, shipowners in pursuit of zero emissions and Baltic environmental regulations.

Among the key points discussed at the event was the strengthening of regional cooperation in the Baltic region.

Furthermore, the participants examined the state of the economy and trade in the Baltic Sea area, as well as the shipping and port market. Topics of comprehensive ports and port regulations also had a spot on the agenda.

Year 2016 marked the 25th anniversary of BPO, filling the members not only with joy but also with a feeling of readiness to confidently tackle the multiple challenges lying ahead.

The gala, which concluded the first day of the event, will certainly be an evening to remember for everyone who was present.

 A wonderful time spent among friends, accentuated what makes the BPO unique among other similar bodies ? the feeling of camaraderie and unity.