Baltic Ports Conference 2017

Shaping the port industry of tomorrow

  • Client: Baltic Ports Organization
  • Date: 6-8.10.2017, Trelleborg, Sweden
  • Project type: Additionally
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The annual Baltic Ports Conference returns on 6-8 September, 2017, to take us to Trelleborg, Sweden, for an exciting two day event. This year?s edition, hosted by the Port of Trelleborg, will be dedicated to shaping the port industry of tomorrow.

What will the future ports look like? How will they have to change and evolve in order to remain competitive? BPC 2017 brings all the answers you need.

Participants of the BPC 2017 will have the chance to enjoy one of the Baltic Ports Organization?s famous evening parties, held in the carefully recreated Viking stronghold Trelleborgen. An evening worthy of tales and songs!