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Actia Forum

Founded in year 2000, Actia Forum has specialised itself over the years in delivering events/meetings and consulting that match the needs of the transport & logistics industry. By firmly standing on these two legs, we can guarantee that whatever goals our clients wish to accomplish, we are here to support them in their journey.

Up-to-date over 800 satisfied clients have met at Actia Forum. The good word spreads and if you wish to develop your business, we're here to lend a helping hand. Just call or e-mail us for details and we'll give you feedback in a blink of an eye.

Our team

Bogdan Ołdakowski

CEO, Founder of Actia Forum

CEO of Actia Forum and Secretary General of Baltic Ports Organization. Engaged in many transport and energy projects for years.


Ewa Urbaś

Vice President, Co-founder of Actia Forum

Vice President of Actia Forum since its founding. Deals with agreements, payments, settlements and legal services.


Emil Arolski

Head of International Development

Driving force behind the development of sustainable projects both on regional and pan-european scale.


Marta Friedrichowicz

Conference Planning Leader

Experienced organizer of numerous seminaries, conferences and many other key Baltic Sea Region players meetings.


Andrzej Urbaś

Marketing Specialist

Responsible for external communications. Concerned with our events, agendas and promotional activities.


Michał Hołoga

Client Relations Specialist

Establishing client relationships with unparalleled ease, Michał takes care of sponsor and media relations.


Karolina Bartkowski

Event Coordinator

Taking care of the logistics side of our event organizing activities, Karolina also makes sure the office runs smoothly.


Maciej Radoń

Creative Manager

The creative force behind each of our projects, Maciek visualizes the ideas of other team members.


Monika Rozmarynowska

Consulting Projects Leader

Analytical mind. With passion creates a market analysis in the field of transportation and international trade.


Maciej Matczak

External Expert

Combines the academic knowledge and the experience gained in the transportation and logistics markets.


Ewelina Ziajka

Project Assistant

Making great use of her vast knowledge, Ewelina is our consulting department?s main researcher.


Krystian Wit

Project Assistant

Managing internal communications, Krystian also assists the whole team with his invaluable research skills.


Marcin Włodarski

Project Manager

Sustainable energy field specialist. Experienced in co-operation with the implementation of projects, supported by the EU programs.